On Why a Caste Based Reservation is Necessary

Caste based reservation in higher education and employment in India has always been a hotly contested topic in the country. We hear passionate accounts from people who believe they have been wronged by an unjust system. I have heard many arguments against reservation on social media and from my friends but reserved judgement for I knew that there was an alternative narrative that I wasn’t exposed to.   As Prof. Satish Deshpande, Professor of Sociology at Delhi School of Economics puts it, “Everyone in India has an opinion on the caste based reservation system and their own reasons for it”.  In this article, I argue why caste based reservation is not a mistake as made out by many and why in fact, the current system is inadequate to remove inequity.

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When India awoke to a new tax – Brief history of GST

It was 10:30 PM on June 30th 2017. The city of Delhi stretched its weary legs and welcomed the cold night after a long summer day with temperatures well above 40oC. But, unlike its not-so-upmarket neighbours, Lutyens Delhi was unusually abuzz with activity. White Hindustan Motors’ Ambassadors, the ubiquitous symbol around corridors of power in India, zoomed by roads lined with security personnel. The circular Central hall of Parliament was lit just as beautifully as it was on a midnight seventy years ago when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru announced from a podium in the hall the awakening of a nation to life and freedom.Beneath the intricately designed dome of the hall sat a galaxy of India’s most prominent men and women.

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Who Will Watch The Watchers ? Questioning the authenticity of the internet

The coming of the internet was seen as the end of informational asymmetry as information would now be freely accessible to all without bias. It was to be the independence from the hegemony of media channels which used to (and still) selectively air or not air news. Internet broke open these gates, giving us access to the information we wanted. Or, did it?

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Nobel Prize – An arms trader’s legacy

The Nobel Prizes are awarded annually to recognise excellence and significant contributions. It has become the most glamorous and recognised laurel in many fields that can definitely do with more limelight. No wonder then that for economists, chemists, physicists and physiologists world-wide, the Nobel prize announcements bring a level of suspense and excitement akin to the Oscars or Grammys. The Nobel prize that was first awarded in 1901, was actually instated from blood money, the money made on the lives of many thousands.

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To be round or to be sharp

As a youngster who has been (How do I put it?) let’s say on the healthier side as far back as I can remember and one who has been fighting a losing battle against calories ever since I struck puberty, I understand the struggle of my fellow fighters and I must, at the outset provide this clarification. If you were misled by the title and are looking for a motivational piece on staying fit, read no further because this will suck out any remnant motivation from your faltering fitness regime. You have been warned……

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